The benefits of yoga range from a better night’s sleep to balancing the biochemical effects in your body. The possibilities are unimaginable and truly spectacular. Today we’re going to be discussing a few ‘yoga for the heart’ poses and how important they are to a healthy, healthy heart, so make sure you know all of them and do them regularly as part of your workout. regular yoga.

yoga for the heart

The 12 best yoga asanas for heart health

Yoga is spiritual and physical rejuvenation that deeply cleanses your body and mind and keeps you stress free, and even rids your body of toxins which can lead to the development of various serious illnesses. Here are some asanas you should try for a long and healthy life:

1. Tadasana

Tadasana for heart problems

Also known as the mountain pose, this asana works wonders for strengthening the heart and spinal cord and improving blood pumping. Deep breathing also strengthens and improves your lung capacity, which is a bonus.

2. Vrikshasana

Vrikshasana for the heart

This asana is aptly named the tree pose because of the posture and calm you need to adopt to achieve this perfectly. A firm and perfect position relieves stress, improves blood circulation and opens the heart. It also positively affects your mood.

3. Utthita Hastapadasana

Utthita Hastapadasana

To do this asana correctly, you need to extend your arms and legs and maintain good balance. It engages your heart, helps control weight and thus improves heart condition which is why it is another best yoga for heart patients. The strength and focus to balance yourself also helps with blood flow.

4. Trikonasana


Popularly called the triangle pose, it is slightly more difficult than its predecessors. This asana is developed strictly to improve cardiovascular functioning, thereby improving heart health and blood circulation in the body. Plus, breathing deeply while holding the pose engages your heart, opens your lungs, improves your breathing capacity, and also increases your stamina.

5. Virabhadrasana


The name roughly translates to the warrior pose and reasonably. It is a multi-pronged approach towards holistic improvements towards bodily functions. When it comes to yoga for heart problems, this asana always receives a special mention. Not only does this improve your balance, it also increases stamina. However, the highlight of this pose is that it reduces stress levels in the body, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, and regulates blood pressure levels. Keeping your heart rate under control is essential, and this pose does it very well as well.

6. Utkatasana

Utkatasana for heart patients

Another name for this asana is the chair pose as it requires you to be in a stable position like that of a chair. By doing this correctly, you will feel the respiratory rate and heart rate increase. It’s great because it improves blood circulation, strengthens the lungs and the core. This pose is designed to stretch the heart and stimulate the arteries and lungs.

7. Marjariasana


Because this asana resembles the pose of a cat, it has often been called the pose of the cat in standard terms. This pose works best when performed right after the chair asana, as it provides some relief after intense heart and lung engagement. This asana allows the heart rate to slowly stabilize while maintaining blood circulation in the body. It is an important asana that is part of yoga for heart patients.

8. Adho Mukho Svanasana

Adho Mukho Svanasana

This asana is also commonly referred to as the downward dog pose. When it comes to stretching and strengthening chest muscles, there aren’t many better ways than this heart exercise yoga asana. This pose strengthens the core, heart muscles, improves blood circulation in the body and stretches the lungs, thus increasing capacity.

9. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana for a healthy heart

Often referred to as the Cobra Pose, this is one of the most popular yoga poses in the world. This asana requires you to inflate the chest like a cobra, thereby stretching the chest area and stimulating the heart for better blood circulation. It also strengthens the lower back.

10. Dhanurasana


Slightly more complicated than the Bhujangasana, this one solicits the trunk, the back, the legs and even makes work the heart muscles. It relaxes muscles all over the body, stimulates the heart rate and even improves flexibility.

11. Setu Bandhasana

Setu Bandhasana

The bridge pose or setu bandhasana is another popular yoga asana that stretches the heart, lungs, and spine, facilitating better blood flow. It improves blood flow to and from the mind, and deep breathing dilates the lungs.

12. Salamba Sarvangasana

Salamba Sarvangasana

Once you’ve mastered the rest of the poses, this pose becomes fairly easy. While this may seem intimidating to some, you will realize how beneficial this asana is once you get the hang of it. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system in the body which is responsible for the relaxation of the body. It strengthens the chest, lungs and also improves blood circulation. It is a must-have asana if you practice yoga for heart disease.

Try these heart yoga asanas on your next yoga session and keep practicing them until you get them right. These asanas directly benefit your heart in a healthier and more natural way, so do them regularly for a stronger, healthier heart.

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