Jaggery and sugar are the two sweeteners commonly used in all Indian households. Sugar comes in the form of white, translucent crystals, a refined and prepared form of Jaggery. It is made by the extreme processing and refining of natural sugar cane. In other words, it is chemically where the ash, moisture, minerals, and compounds that give sugar their color are entirely separated. In contrast, Jaggery is a purer form of sweetener. However, many nutritionists and health experts today recommend using Jaggery as a sugar substitute. But we need to know how and why Jaggery is better than sugar by comparing Jaggery vs sugar?

Jaggery against sugar

Nutritional value of Jaggery and sugar

When we compare Jaggery and Sugar in terms of nutrition and calories, it of course has two different values. Indeed, they both have different values ​​and have other uses. So we can do the comparison between jaggery sugar and sugar to keep nutritional control over the two sweeteners.

Jaggery is commonly referred to as Gur in hindi. It is filled with various minerals and vitamins that are very beneficial for health. On the other hand, sugar contains sucrose which is not good for health. In addition, sugar does not contain proteins, fats, vitamins and other good minerals.

In addition to the calories of jaggery v / s sugar, 100 g of jaggery & sugar contain the following:

Nutritional value of Jaggery and sugar

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Nutrients Jaggery (100g) Sugar (100g)
Vitamin A 3.8 mg 0 mg
Calcium 80 mg 1 mg
Magnesium 160 mg 0 mg
Manganese 0.5 mg 0 mg
Vitamin E 111.30 mg 0 mg
The iron 5.4 mg 0.01 mg
Protein 280 mg 0 mg
Vitamin C 7.0 mg 0 mg
Glucose 8 mg 2 grams
Fructose 7 mg 2 grams
Calories (Energy) 383Kcal 387Kcal
Fiber 0 mg 0 mg
Carbohydrates 98.96g 100g
Potassium 140 mg 2 mg
Sodium 30 mg 0 mg

Who’s Better – Jaggery vs Sugar

Jaggery and sugar are something that we use on a daily basis, and they can be found in every Indian household. They are both made from cane juice but are treated differently. Jaggery & sugar guarantees distinct properties, benefits, uses and values. We can use them as substitutes for each other in the kitchen. However, we are generally confused to conclude which one is better for the health and has more benefits for the body. So, here we have done an analysis on jaggery v / s sugar for your permission.

Jaggery and sugar

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Jaggery Sugar
Brown in color White in color
Semi-solid shape crystal size
Jaggery helps detoxify the liver Does not help detoxify the liver
Maintain good health No health benefit
Helps to purify the blood Does not help purify the blood
Works as a stomach cleanser I can’t help
Relieve joint pain I can’t help
Control blood pressure Increases blood pressure
Less calories High in calories
No chemicals are used Chemicals are used
Unrefined Refined
Prevents anemia Do not help
Stimulates digestion Did not boost digestion

Therefore, in conclusion, we can safely say that trading sugar with Jaggery can be a good practice, as long as you don’t overdo it. Must give a quick check of the nutrient profile before choosing a sweetener. But if you want to reduce your sugar intake, try reducing your intake first. And gradually switch to organic sugars, such as Jaggery or brown sugar, to control your weight.

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