Whether it’s telecommuting or at the office, we’re all addicted to mid-meal times. But our health paid for our cravings. As we consume snacks like crisps, fried cookies that contain trans fats, calories, added sugar, preservatives, etc. However, some brands of snacks can save you money!

Still, don’t worry, we’re not asking you to stop having it. But you can improve and update your unhealthy snacking into a very healthy snacking habit. But we know that it’s not easy to choose one when you have several snack companies around you.

So, here we have sorted out some Indian snack brands that work hard to ensure you have a healthy snack time.

snack brands

Healthy snack brands in India

1. Ritebite

Max Protein Ritebite is a high protein marketplace that aims to simplify the meaning of life full of protein. They provide healthy snacks made up of protein and minerals essential for staying fit and healthy. In addition, their nature-based products are ideal for daily consumption and use.

Ritebite products: Max protein bars, chips & peanut butter

2. Snacks

It is drawn up by another average worker who felt the need for healthy snack options between lunch and dinner. Snackible offers unique snack options that are healthy, fat free, and free from chemicals or preservatives. They are the ultimate solution to everyone’s “snack life crisis”.

Range of products by Snackible: Keto Snacks, Chips and Dips, Cookies

3. Feed organic products

Another well-known and well-named company, Nourish Organics, is at the top of other snack brands in India. These products are made from delicious and healthy ingredients, grown organically without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. They’re infused with precious oils, fiber, and natural antioxidants for a healthy heart and weight control.

Nourish Organics Products: Nourish Organics muesli, brown rice, cookies

4. True elements

Don’t miss True Elements, a 100% eco-friendly, chemical-free and trustworthy healthy snack supplier in India. The company follows a shared vision of pollution-free processing, ingredients without preservatives, no added sugar and no false promises. Their products can help you lose weight, boost immunity, skin care, and more.

True elements product line: healthy seeds, roasted seeds, seed mixture, berry mixture.

5. The whole truth

As the name suggests, The Whole Truth aims to bring the truth behind healthier eating styles. Shashank Mehta started The Whole Truth to bring out clean, whole, unprocessed foods. In addition, he has placed an emphasis on health and fitness because he wants the nation to be free from disease. Here you can fix your protein level with protein bars and sort your breakfast with quinoa, mueslis, etc.

Various products by All the Truth: energy bars, immune balls, peanut butter

6. Full of soul

Soulfull is considered to be well known among the snack brands in India. They aim to revive millets and make them a healthy and delicious snack. Their journey started with Ragi-bites, flavorful breakfast cereals, and more. But today you know it by heart when shopping for healthy snacks. They have everything that can make you healthy.

Range of products at Soulfull: millet muesli in different flavors, Ragi Flakes, Ragi Bite snacks

7. Monsoon harvest

Monsoon Harvest is one of the best snack brands in India. It is a family business founded by a husband-wife duo. They have targeted the market to offer healthy and natural snacks. Its food products include crispy cereal bars in different flavors such as dark chocolate, almonds and cranberries.

Produced by Monsoon Harvest: Ragi flakes, granola bars, muesli

8. Yoga bar

Yogabar can probably change your unhealthy snacking habits because they have the best solutions for your sweet cravings. They offer various protein bars like whole grain breakfast muesli, multigrain energy bars, protein variety boxes and much more. They are organically produced with a high content of protein and fiber which helps your body to absorb nutrients quickly.

Must-have products from Yogabar: A variety of bar flavors such as Almond Coconut, Almond Cinnamon, Blueberry Pie, Apricot Fig

9. In terms of snacks

Snackwise aimed to change and possibly solve old problematic eating habits that end up affecting our health. So the intention is to make a change in the snacks, not in the habits. It is one of the types of snack brands that offer vegetable and fruit snack options. In addition, they have developed vacuum frying that requires low pressure and temperature to cook snacks.

The best of Snackwise: Assortment of Makhanas, beetroot chips, jackfruit chips, Makhana pops – barbecue

10. Foods from Wonderland

They are expected to provide quality dried fruits and nuts in India. It was started by Mr. Anubhav Gupta, owner of Sunorganic Industries Pvt. Ltd. Wonderland Foods offers premium, handpicked products. You can expect all dried fruit products ranging from salted and roasted nuts and dried fruits to exotic fruits. Healthy foods like Pop Rice and Quinoa Puffs

Wonderland Food Deals: Fox nuts (Makhanas) in ten unique flavors, Pop Rice, Quinoa Puffies

11. Omay Foods

Omay Foods relies on your calories and carbohydrates which makes you healthy, diet conscious and remain a foodie. They bring a variety of healthy, guilt-free, ready-to-eat snacks that you can snack on all day. This makes them one of the best Indian snack brands that deliver health regardless of your taste.

Variety of products by Omay Food: Omay Food dried fruits, beaten chana, navratan mixture

12. Open the secret

Open Secret is a business founded by a single mom who championed health, nutrition, and potential beyond the will. They aim to provide guilt-free and waste-free snacks for a healthy body. Open secret uses pure ingredients to give you tastier and more nutritious snacks to snack on.

Products by open secret: open-secret hazelnut chips, shake mixes, cookies, spreads.

Kids’ Snack Brands: Building a Nutritious Future

children's snack brands

13. Slurrp Farm

Two mothers started Slurrp Farm because they felt the importance of tasty and truly healthy options for their children. Thus, it allowed them to reinvent grandma’s age-old recipes of Ragi and Millet into something delicious and beneficial. They focus on turning ingredients like maida, trans fats, excess sugar and salt into organic ingredients.

Range of products from the slurrp farm: Slurrp Farm cereals, pancakes & waffles, millet dosa

14. Fruit forest

This is a progressive, new line of delicious, plant-based fruit snacks with all-natural quality, nutrition, and best snack time. Fruit Forest offers fully vegan and gluten-free snacks for all ages in your family. In addition, they claim that their products are made in a sustainable manner without harming or using animals. In this new world of snacking, this business may be your other best healthy choice.

Fruit forest products: real fruit snacks, chocolate fruit snacks, crispy bites

15. Timios

Timios is one of the Indian brands of healthy snacks for kids that provides nutritious and worry-free health to your children. They are known for their best quality and precisely their line of children’s food. You can get a variety of food items. Products like porridge, finger foods, cookies, immune bars, energy bars, snacks, cereals, etc.

Timios products: apple millet cake with cocoa, assortment of organic baby cereals, probiotic bites

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