How To Write Declaration In Resume For Fresher: A declaration in a resume states that all the information you have included is correct to the best of your knowledge. It is typically placed at the end of a resume as an affirmation that all the information presented is the truth. Along with the declaration, the statement also includes the writer’s name and the date.

When writing your first resume, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. It is difficult to determine which tips should be applied and which should be ignored. But the smallest details can affect the overall message and impression in the eyes of recruiters. 

To help you write declaration in resume better, we have grouped 10 basic resume tips that are effective for new graduates:

Use simple language In Writing a Declaration In Resume

Stay away from the term jargon and difficult, unless it is very necessary. The easier your resume is understood, the less effort a recruiter takes to read the entire resume. 

On the other hand, resumes that are poorly written or that are full of bombastic and highly technical language will be immediately rejected. Remember that HR professionals are not technical people. 

They may have a general understanding of the skills needed for technical positions, but they are not experts in that field. So keep the language simple and easy to read if you want your resume to be included in the shortlist

Stay relevant

As a fresh graduate , you might not have a lot of relevant experience to include in your resume. This is where you must include school extracurricular activities, as well as voluntary work or internships to demonstrate social, communication, and leadership skills. 

When writing extracurricular activities and internship experience, you must explain and demonstrate the relevance or relation of your experience to the position being applied for. So always adjust your resume with a particular job application.

Create according to your area of ​​expertise

In addition to adjusting your resume so that it doesn’t read like an ordinary letter by showing your skills and attributes to anyone who will listen or read, your resume also needs to show your personality. 

In part this is a summary ( summary)  resume you can be prepared well and make a difference. See a sample summary of this personalized resume  for inspiration.

Start the resume briefly and interestingly 

Some people think that the more information that is included in a resume, the more impressive it will be. On the contrary, in reality “Less is more”. This is one situation where quality is more important than quantity.

 But don’t just trust that easily. According to Times Magazine “recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing individual resumes.” Six seconds. How much information do you think can be read and digested in those six seconds? One thing is certain, recruiters will skim your resume to find a reason to read a second time.

Start with “why” In Writing a Declaration In Resume

The most important question that must be answered in the resume is simple, “Why are you the right person for the job?” The job of resumes is to attract interest and curiosity for recruiters to meet you in person. 

This is another reason to include a well-written resume summary at the top of the resume that provides a clear and focused picture. This should summarize your “why” in a few short, simple sentences.

Presentation is key In Writing a Declaration In Resume

In addition to funny animal videos and addictive social networking sites, the internet has also brought us to the online world which provides countless free tools  , including high-quality resume templates that can be downloaded for free. 

Even better, you can now customize a professionally designed resume template on Canva and download it for free after completion (an example resume is available for download at the end of this article). 

With all the amazing tools  available, there is no longer any reason to submit resumes that appear to be from the 90s. Your resume needs to look attractive if you want to be taken seriously.

Go digital

Show recruiters that you are technology savvy and relevant. For starters, save your resume in PDF file format and use hyperlinks as a direct and easy-to-use reference for supporting information, which helps keep the number of words in the resume not too large. 

Having an online portfolio in the form of a website or blog that suits your profession will definitely help you stand out from the other candidates. As an alternative, there is always the option to create a digital portfolio by storing relevant documents and files in lightweight storage, using free services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Highlight your achievements specifically

The more specific your resume, the better. Avoid unclear statements and expressions such as “good communication skills” or “results-oriented”. 

Describe specific scenarios where you have applied your expertise and attributes and (if relevant) achieved clear results. For example, “Spending 6 months teaching English to underprivileged children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with a focus on their conversation and social skills.”

Use free editing tools In Writing a Declaration In Resume

If you haven’t done this, start making it a daily exercise. Always check the spelling of your writing and also check grammar. For documents or written reports that are very important, make sure your writing is clear and concise. There is no reason to write carelessly with all the free tools  available.

Position yourself as a reader

The most important thing is to always position yourself as a reader. This requires a certain level of objectivity that may be challenging, but maintaining an objective perspective will allow you to see it in the reader’s eyes. 

If you find it too difficult to stay objective, ask a few friends to read your resume and tell them what they think. Your resume must be able to ‘talk’ to recruiters, not to make them fall asleep (which unfortunately happens to most resumes).

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