Blogging has been the bread and butter of many of us around the world. No one can deny the fact that we bloggers find our whole day writing and blogging about our favourite topics on blogging systems such as WordPress or Blogger.

But, do the bloggers earn? According to a recent survey, more than 80% of the bloggers don’t earn enough from their blog. There have been recent changes in the Google Algorithm, and the bloggers should keep themselves at top of all the changes happening in the SEO and the blogging world.

Blogging is never easy; it requires constant thinking and pulling the solution out of the ether is one of the tricks that every blogger knows. Constantly coming up with unique content is a tough task, and it requires practice. So, what strategies you should concentrate in 2021? The answer to the million-dollar question is what everyone is looking after, but there is no perfect answer. We try to find the answer from the general point of view and henceforth represent top 5 strategies that bloggers should concentrate in 2021.

Top 5 strategies to concentrate for bloggers in 2021

Content is still the King

During the early ages of the internet, there was blogging boom accompanies by the WordPress platform. Lots of blogging websites came into existence and they were earning a good amount of income. And, that was not right. Blogs with weak contents were also getting good traffic. Google came up the solution and devalued bad content.

You cannot run anywhere with bad content. Bad content has lots of interpretation, but the universal definition goes like this, “any content, which does not provide information and produce value to the readers is termed as bad content”. Also, stuffing information also doesn’t work and Google has made sure that amazing content always wins the race to the top of the Google rankings.

Learn to Write 6000 Words a day

I am not going to press the value of fast writing, but it is evident that fast writing can bring a lot of success to your door.. In current world, there are half chances that you will be fall apart by your slow speed. Always remember, that there are millions of bloggers writing engaging content all over the world. And, if you are stuck with an amazing idea then there is a high probability that someone else, with an equal level of expertise, has also thought about it and is planning to publish it soon.

Also, a blogger work is not only to write about different topics. They have to engage in other blogging community and constantly chip your valuable offerings and thoughts. That will sum up to 1000 words daily commenting on other blogs and your own blog addressing readers from different demographics. And, when I point the value of commenting and engaging in other communities, there is no fact denying that for small bloggers it is necessary to engage from the point of marketing and getting their articles across the community.

Use Automation

Automation is going to take over the world, sooner or later. And, it can cause chaos for some and victory for many or vice-versa. A lot of bloggers may not agree with me on this point, but using automated grammar check tools are the right way to approach the current market trends.

No one likes writing mistakes and no one is going to read your article if it is full of mistakes that are easily catchable. Native English speaker can find mistakes in the blink of an eye. And that does not mean that if you are writing for a non-native audience, you have the luxury of making mistakes.

Automation tools like “Grammarly” is highly recommended from my side. Paying for the service is completely different thing and is on personal choice rather than an impulsive buy. I, myself, use Grammarly free edition and extract as much help from the system, as I can. The tool makes sure that I don’t make silly grammatical mistakes and hints me on more severe mistakes in my writings.

Never forget you are unique

Every writer or blogger on the earth is a unique person and has his own way of internalizing and externalizing any information. The art of writing is a creative field, and you will not find two bloggers whose tone of writing and engaging audience are same.

Practice more of the uniqueness, and this strategy is going to stay with you almost all your remaining revolutions around the sun. Readers love you and follow your blog because they love the way you write. Make them happy with continuous use of your quirkiness and style. Flow high with words and mesmerize readers every single time they read anything new.

Take care of the SEO

There are tons of articles that tells you why SEO is important for your blog and this doesn’t change an iota in 2015. I would suggest you to read this article, which explains the top 8 strategies that you should take care of during your blogging journey in 2015.

With proper SEO, your blog can reach new heights and can even break the 100k top websites barrier. SEO is not easy and it takes time to get used to it. Proper keyword research, doing proper on-page optimization and off-page optimization are just few of the work that you should take care of while building your blog.

Other things that you can use to grow your blog

Create Controversies: Creating controversies can really skyrocket the popularity of the blog and in the longer run can bring more visitors to your blog.

Stay within your niche boundaries: There is no point in blogging about every topic you see on the internet. Always provide information within your expertise. This way, the content will be of high quality and accurate.

Use Social Media properly: Social Media is a powerful tool and when successfully leveraged can bring lots of readers to the site. 

Improve Tjpography: Without great typography, there are chances that readers will give heed to the content. Use large and clear font. Great readability adds value to the blog.


Bloggers are the next generation game changers. They bring new thought to the world and tears apart old ideas. Be the best bloggers in 2015 and use the power of words to change the world around us.

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