Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered as the key aspect, to get success in the blogosphere. If you want to do serious blogging and want that your blog should be ranked, then you are supposed to do SEO on your blog.

SEO can help you to grab traffic, it can help you to rank in the search engines, it can help you to build a reputation, Page-Rank and many other useful aspects related to your blog.

There are too many things that put, directly and indirectly, impact SEO and today we are going to discuss some of these impacts. You’ll come to know about the impact of Plugins, Themes and Graphics on SEO. These impacts are clearly elaborated below with simple tutorial and with great accuracy, to make you guys acquaint with these impacts.

Impact of Plugins, Themes and Graphics on SEO

Impact Of Plugins For SEO

There are certain impacts of plugins for SEO. Since plugins are mostly used on WordPress platform, bloggers whose blogs are at WordPress are supposed to use these plugins anyway. There are both positive and negative impacts of plugins over SEO. As we know that in blogging, doing over SEO can ruin your blog. 

Besides, plugins are very much important here on WordPress. There are a certain number of Plugins for SEO that can impact your blog. The experts suggest that the bloggers should use a few plugins to optimize their site if you’ll use too many and unwanted plugins that they will definitely put a negative and unhealthy impact on the SEO of your blog. Below I have listed the Plugins that put both positive and negative impact on your SEO.

Best Plugins For SEO

I have listed some best plugins for SEO and these plugins will help him to make your blog rock in the blog-sphere. The list of the plugins that are given below is completely tested and suggested by the experts. So, don’t you worry while trying them on your blog? The best with little descriptions can be read below.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

There are awesome WordPress plugins that can be very much helpful to monitor and optimize all sections of your site that come under the SEO. This awesome plugin is developed by SEO consultant and WordPress developer Joost do Valk. It especially focuses on keywords by suggesting the most precise keywords for your content.

All In One SEO Pack

This plugin works, as its name, All In One SEO Pack. These plugins almost take care of everything about the blog’s SEO. This plugin is friendly and usable for keywords, meta descriptions, tags, Permalink and other things related to SEO.

SEO Friendly Images

Images can be helpful to rank your content and for that, you are supposed to post SEO friendly images. SEO Friendly Images plugin helps you to optimize the images on your blog, including your content. You may use this plugin and it will put some appealing and awesome impact on your blog and its SEO.

Worst Plugins For SEO

Along with the best plugins, there is a number of worst plugins that put a negative impact on the SEO of your blog. Simply, these plugins can ruin your blog completely. The names of these plugins are mentioned below, you may read them and avoid them.

  •    WordPress Robots
  •    SEO Processors

The above two are the worst plugins that can put a completely negative and unhealthy impact on the SEO of your site. Therefore, I would suggest you avoid these plugins and never ever apply these plugins on your blog.

Impact of Themes For SEO

Most newbies think that themes are only for appearance, but actually, it is not like that at all. Themes are one of the important things that can directly put an impact on SEO. So, here I am going to discuss the themes for SEO.

Right themes can put a positive impact on your blog, you might have heard about the SEO friendly themes, “Have you ever wondered that what are they?”

This thing proves that there are themes that are SEO friendly, along with non-friendly themes. The friendly themes can put a positive impact on the SEO of your blog, whereas the non-friendly themes can put the negative on the SEO of your blog.

The SEO friendly themes and non-friendly themes are clearly mentioned below:

Friendly Themes Impact On SEO

The friendly themes have a positive impact on the SEO of your blog. They are friendly and professionally coded, the design is eye-catching and optimized. It gives the SEO friendly results of your content on the search engines. That things and features justify that these are Themes for SEO.

Non-Friendly Themes Impact On SEO

The Non-friendly Themes have a thoroughly negative impact on the SEO of your blog. They are unfriendly coded, they have messed up layout, extra and useless scripts that make your site load slower and put an unhealthy impact. Due to these unfriendly themes, your content could not rank in the search engines, as they are completely filled with effected and useless scripts.

Impact of Graphics For SEO

Like the other factors, Graphics also impact the SEO of the blog. Graphics can be used to design your site more eye-catching, appealing and unique. Bloggers are supposed to use the graphics with great care, as the usage of too many graphics can slow down your site and indirectly it will impact the SEO of your blog, which will not be in your favour at all.

If you are using too much-designing images on your blog, using too much jquery for the widget to make your site full of graphics and animations then believe me that you are ruining your site or blog badly.

Graphics for SEO or I would say Graphics for optimization, don’t need lots of animation, heavy images, overload scripted widgets; you only need to make it simpler, lighter and friendlier. You can use graphics to make your site friendly by keeping the ratio of the graphics smaller. Don’t overuse the graphics.

Final Verdict!

Now, it is time, to sum up, the complete article. Above both positive and negative impacts of plugins, Themes and Graphics on SEO are mentioned. I hope this article has cleared many of your queries related to the impacts that are mentioned above. If you have still any doubts regarding this article then you may leave your query in the comment box, I shall get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, if you have liked this article, then don’t forget to Share this with your circle, just to praise our work for your convenience.

Happy Blogging!!     

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