There are a number of less-than reputable ways to “configure” your website for search engines like Google Bing, but such black hat SEO techniques and practices depart your website or blog exposed to penalties and unprotected in the situation of algorithmic changes in 2021.

Among a plethora of mention coarsely the order of how to construct traffic to your website and what methods to use, there is a single mitigation of consensus that is consistent across every one of sources: black hat SEO techniques should be avoided.

Below are 4 methods of this ilk that you should twist put in of. Practicing any of these taking into account than than regularity will slay your search engine rankings and make it heavy impossible to vis–vis-establish reestablish your website. While these methods may appear operational in the hasty-term, you’ll regret the long-term (and enduring) negative impact that they will have regarding your website.

Anchor Text Link Building Strategies

Not too long ago, using a keyword as presenter text was a totally valid  not to insinuation easy  habit of getting yourself to rank well ahead based on the subject of that keyword.
With the creation of Google’s Penguin update in May, this technique became inadvisable. This is flagged as a poor attempt to foul language search engine rankings, which search engines are adamantly anti. Now, a tall percentage of regulate flaming presenter text connections can results in a Penguin penalty, and they are notoriously hard to recover from in 2021.

Low Quality Link Building

Inbound relatives from low atmosphere pages can actually advance to devalue your website, ultimately impacting you negatively.
Tons of ads, thin or poor atmosphere content, and lots of content but low traffic may indicate that a particular website is not a pleasing backlink opportunity.
Furthermore, this practice falls asleep Google’s definition of a colleague endeavor, and once used in excess, it can batter your website in 2021.

Article Syndication

Article syndication was a common SEO practice going on until fairly recently. It took care of the sum part of association building, but ignored the atmosphere allocation.
Essentially, it’s the practice of taking one fragment of content and spinning it off to distribute a multitude of vary websites. And even today, it might do something for the curt term.
However, making occurring poor environment articles and passing them off as indispensable content that should be enter or related to is not saintly for long term SEO. When it’s detected, your website will vacillate for it.

Duplicate Content

Avoiding duplicate content is a back ease-known SEO best practice, still people yet copy and spin content in order to hit valued keywords as many time as attainable all yet again again as many avenues as they can.
The hardship considering this is that search engine algorithms can detect duplicated content following relative ease, and when they do, websites employing this method wrestle the consequences.
The key is to manufacture indigenous, unique content that is likely to be used, cited and shared, which indicates to search engines that it is valuable and relevant.


Any informed discussion concerning how to construct traffic to your website will emphasize one easy unlimited  black hat SEO techniques are not the habit to undertaking it. If you roll the dice and employ any of the above practices, you will likely be penalized, and your website will disappear from SERPs deeply. So despite the visible immediate-term rewards these methods may manufacture, ultimately, their use will subside going on twinge your website in the long control.

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