Blogging is one of the most sophisticated and sufficient ways to make money online. Additionally, blogging based on content, and almost every professional bloggers keep on saying that in blogging, “Content is King”. Their that phrase indicates that the success in blogging lies in the content quality.

Now, here there are many misconceptions about content writing, the newbies are worried and badly want to know about the strategies for building blog content. Writing quality content is not a harder job to do, you only have to work smarter and you are supposed to use your words wisely.

Your blog will be able to receive traffic and reputation in the blogosphere and among your readers with the help of your content and therefore, it should lie on the phrase professionals that is mentioned above, “Content is King”. There are too many things that should be covered to write real quality content on your blog. 

Therefore, today I have got the top strategies in building content. You may use these strategies to write your blog content and make it fit the criteria of quality content. These are the simple tricks, there is nothing like rocket science in it. Apply these strategies and start ruling.

Strategies in Building Blog Content

There are certain strategies that should be known to every blogger. Remember one thing that these strategies are proven by the experts and it will bring dramatic changes to your blogging career and writing.

Content Creation Softwares

Content creation software can be used to make your content more appealing, this is one most professional blogging strategy and almost every professional blogger apply these tools. These content creation software can be used for sharing or adding, images, screen-shots, videos or sometimes for writing articles. You may use these tools for making your content more appealing by adding different layouts and graphics into your article. 

For example, the ordinary Blogger dashboard for writing content has restricted you to very small features for writing, however, with the help of these tools, you may make your content more appealing, great and professional. I have added the list of top content creation software below:

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a desktop software which can be used for writing blogger content offline. This software allows you to work on your blog without going online, you can create your content here and publish it later. This is one of the awesome and famous contents writing tool.


Qumna is another software for writing content wight from your desktop. It has many features like, it works with technorati tagging, allow you to add images, can help you add advertisement to your posts. It gives you the HTML source of your post as well.

There are much other content creation software that can be used for making your content of full quality and professionalism.

Ideal Time to Post

There is always a right time to do the right thing, the same thing happens here in blogging. There is a certain time to post your content for the users and for knowing that time you have to make little observation on your blog analytics. You should observe your blog for some days, and it may take your whole to observe that which is the prime time on your, prime time means the time on which you are receiving more and more traffic on your blog then according to your that status of traffic, you are supposed to play your card, means you are supposed to post your content on that time.

Let me explain it more for you guys, For example; If I have a blog on which more traffic from 8 PM to 10 PM, then from 8PM to 10PM is the key time post article, and it will surely get into the notice of many and may more shares and likes.

Length Of the Post

Google has suggested the ideal length of quality content, according to the SEO, the quality content must be 300 words minimum and should 1000 words maximum. I have said 1000 words maximum because if you’ll write too big articles on your blog then it may bore your readers and slowly they may leave reading your content. You are supposed to write the medium one articles, nor too small neither too big, always keep it in the medium. If you are writing the words less then 300, then your content may get penalized by Google. So, always write a minimum of 300 words. A post of 300 words is more is considered as the quality and standardize post.

Blogosphere monitoring for guest blogs

Blogosphere monitoring for guest blogs means to keep an eye on the guest blogs, that what they are talking about, publishing about and spreading about. Remember from the guest blogs who are much famous than yours can give your really awesome ideas for publishing the new content on your blog, this is one of the greatest strategies in building blog content that almost pro bloggers use.

Write Trendy Topics (Current updates)

Writing content on old and useless issues is simply the waste of your time and energy. If you really want to get success in blogging and want to write quality content then you are supposed to write the most trendy topics that are in news, or, I would say you to write about the current updates on your related topics. Do not waste your time energy in writing about the old stories, nobody is interested in reading out the old crap. Give the complete to the new updates and feel like a professional reporter to maintain the quality on your channel in the form of your blog or website.

Use Of Monitoring Tools

You may use the monitoring tools for social media. There is a number of monitoring tools which you may use to monitor your progress on social media sites. It helps to improve your skills in particular areas and allow you to work for them. I have got an example of one social media monitoring tool that is named as HootSuite.

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HootSuite is one of the best social media monitoring and management tool. It covers multiple social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, Google+ and Foursquare.

Use Of Title

The title is the main part of the content, it is the part which attracts the reader to read the article, if you have not written the catchy article then it will not grab a single reader to its self. You are supposed to write an SEO friendly template. It should be neither too big nor too small. The standard length of the title should be 70 characters, this length is suggested by Google itself.

Use Of Images and Videos In Content

When you’ll something that really worth, then you are supposed to beautify it, by adding related videos and images. Sometimes using images and videos are not for the beautification of the content but, it can be used to guide the users about your content. You may use the video of tutorials and related images. One more important thing is that Google loves images in the content, and it considered that content as a quality one, so, you should add at least one images and sometimes one video as well, in your content.

Final Verdict!

That was the great strategies in building content, these will really help you to rank your content. If you have any query related to content building strategies then you are allowed to leave your queries in the comment box, I shall get back to you as soon as possible.


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