Google Pay Per Click – Pay per Click – Many Ads about Google AdSense Websites Are Now in Urdu – Owners of these websites pay Google to pay for these ads through Google’s program, Ad Words. Google earns the bulk of its revenue by displaying ads from these website owners on its search results pages. Google is not the only partner in the revenue. You too can earn your share by displaying these ads on your website through Google Adsense.

How can I Earn Money from Google AdSense

Google launched the program on June 18, 2003, and Google Adsense is undoubtedly the most efficient way to make money on the Internet. If used properly, AdSense can be a source of income for you, but the bet is honest, because Google doesn’t bother trying to bother it. The way AdSense works is simple. You have to create a website and reach as many users as possible in acceptable ways, such as search engine optimization, so that they can visit your site and click on the ads displayed by Google Adsense. We are writing all the steps here step by step.

Remember that you can’t trick Google by stealing content from another website. The content on the site must therefore be original and unique. Nowadays, not only websites but blogs are also widely used for Google AdSense. If you can write well and also want to get rid of the hassle of creating a website on a particular topic then create a blog.

Is Google AdSense Free

While Vogel is a great business company that fully protects your earnings, it also takes care of the companies with which the ads run on your website. Google fraud or injustice is all there is to Google. Some of the terms and conditions have been set. When you apply for Google AdSense, you agree to abide by all of Google’s terms and conditions, so it is important that you strictly adhere to all of Google’s terms and conditions and do not do anything that contradicts Google’s terms. You will be excluded from Google AdSense and as a result you may lose money you have already earned. The most dangerous thing is that you are terminated due to a violation of the Google AdSense Terms of Service for all your ages. Here are the terms that Google AdSense account may lose

Google AdSense Terms

  1. If you are under 18, apply for AdSense under your guardian or father’s name as you must be at least 18 years of age to apply to Google AdSense.
  2. Apply to an AdSense account from an under construction or incomplete website
  3. Do not attract anyone to click on these aids or request someone to click on them after placing aids on your websites.
  4. If you do not click on the aids you play on your blog site or YouTube video yourself, there is a 99% chance that you will be immediately removed from Google Adsense. Please
  5. Don’t encourage anyone to click on AIDS Don’t talk about reward or reward for clicking
  6. Do not place AdSense ads on empty pages
  7. If you want to add videos to your website, it’s best to create a YouTube channel and run ads on it
  8. Do not run ads by creating a website or video on topics that Google prohibits
  9. Do not use AdSense on websites or videos that contain content that promotes racist drugs or gambling.
  10. Don’t steal content from someone else’s website and upload it to your own site. Likewise, don’t edit your videos by editing someone else’s videos and putting them on YouTube.
  11. Do not create websites or videos on topics related to computer negativity and crimes such as hacking cricket speed tracking or cybercrime.
  12. Do not post posts for content downloads for free download of music videos, tutorials, mobile apps, software books, and other such things that are copyrighted and received through money.

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