If you are looking for Business Ideas in home and you want to start your own business with low capital then in this article I am going to give you some business ideas that have been very helpful for you.


Facebook is the era of Instagram, everyone wants to upload good and beautiful pictures, so the trend of photography is on the rise. Getting married, a festival or a school or college program requires photography so you can start your work with a good DSLR camera even if you are a student. Can earn good income If you want to learn photography by talking, then you can also learn by doing online free courses.

Tea and coffee shop

The past few years have seen a sharp rise in tea and coffee in Pakistan. If you want to make a tea or coffee shop, you don’t need much experience for this, but after a few days of walking, anyone can do it easily. Now many types of tea and coffee have become famous in Pakistan such as tandoori tea, cold coffee etc. This can be done by starting a small business with low capital.

Fish farm

The fish farm business is a lucrative business. If you want to do this, then you can do a good business by using advanced technology and getting started with less money. The business of fish farms is considered a lucrative business in Pakistan.

T-shirts, mug printing

T-shirts and mug printing are considered big and good business and you can start investing on a smaller scale. If you do not have the money to buy a machine, you can print it out of the market. To work with the market you must first gather important information about the market.

Breeding bees

Demand for honey is increasing all over the world, so if you nourish the bees and get honey from them, you can make a good profit. It does not require much capital if you do it properly. You get more profits when you start working by getting tricks, and you can make even more profit by giving trolls to other people and selling the goods used in the work and expanding your work. Can do

Beauty parlor

This is a very profitable business for women, besides providing service in this business, profit can also be made by selling beauty products. After a few days’ trek, the work can be started with a small capital. Work can also be enhanced by having a little promotion for your work.

Poultry Farming

Poultry is the largest and fastest-growing sector in agriculture and farming. You don’t need much capital to start this work. There are more profits that can be achieved through the use of trending and cutting edge technology.

Gym at home

Everybody wants to look smarter today because of a growing obesity disorder. If you are fond of X-shaped and have information about it, you can build a small gym at home early. The money can be increased by starting the work, both men and women can do it. This job can make you good profit.

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