If you want to get started with any work, consult the 4,5 men related to the job, get out in the field, understand the work, think well, consider the positive negative aspects, the work you want to start. Get information from the people involved. Investigate well Never make emotional decisions by coming up with words, influencing videos and writing. Think critically, be very careful about whether the product is work or online earning or whatever it is, consider using your knowledge of your source and then take the next step.

What are good ideas for YouTube Videos?

About two and a half years ago there was an ad reading of a freelancing course. The ad was a big living “do a basic to advanced freelancing course, earn Rs. 2 lakh per month by doing freelancing online, etc.” There was an introductory trial class in which maybe I got to learn something new. He was explaining the name of the bond freelancer website, income of freelancer, skills, reviews, testimonials, and tips and tricks on how to work.

I joined him and asked, Brother, are you self-freelancing? How much did you earn from freelancing? Which website shows when and how much you earned? He went on to say that I do not do freelancing and just give tips and tricks. I told him, brother, when you are in this field you do not know, you have not worked, and then how are you doing this course? How does the client talk? How is the client addressed? What should I do if I can’t find work? What should I do if everything doesn’t work out right? Asked more questions like this, it is learned that Mr. has just read Theory, watched videos from YouTube and is teaching others.

How Many Views do You Need to get Paid on YouTube

Before doing anything, it is important to get information from people related to this work. Understand all the steps. One must be aware of this person’s experiences. All points and steps must be understood. YouTube videos do not necessarily have to be a step-by-step guide; my experience is that Pakistani Indians make their own videos by following the channels of English and their experience is nothing but the talk itself. No one has worked only in the rounds of reviews and subscribers are there talk bullets.

Do not create a program by listening to YouTube, Facebook posts, or testimonials of a business, because there is a lot of difference between saying and doing. Likewise, he was impressed by watching YouTube videos and started his business by saying things, read his post, followed his business heart, followed it, advised and closed his eyes. It’s bad because I don’t have work experience, don’t know the negatives, don’t know the ups and downs of the business, and don’t know about climate change, regional climate, diseases, and many other points. And dump their deposits and all the money.

Because the country, the region, the land, the climate, the people, the change of society also changes the business. It is not necessary for one business to succeed in one place, the same business to succeed in another place. So never make emotional decisions by being tempted by videos, writing, and talking about someone. Better to be careful than to regret it.

Can Facebook Make Money?

The answer to this question is: Yes. The Facebook staff has not yet devised a way by which its users can earn something. ۔ Nevertheless, there are some ways in which you can make money from this great website. These methods are not difficult, but hard work. It will take a lot of hard work in the beginning. It will be easier later

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