Android smartphones are becoming common day by day. With more market share in their hands of Android, there are more than half chances that you are currently using an android device. With its expansion into the masses, another important problem arises. The problem is quite universal and many of us know it by the term, Data loss.

Losing data is such a common problem that you can easily find tons of manual tutorials to recover the lost data from your smartphone. Data can be lost because of virus, improper formatting, broken SD card and other hosts of situations that can lead to the loss of data. The severity of losing important data is another important aspect. With our beloved photos, videos or contacts, we are in disarray and would love to recover the data as soon as possible.


Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android Review

You can easily recover deleted files from Android using the famous Vibossoft Dr. Mobile app. The app is one of the popular recovery apps and can also restore contacts from Android device, keeping your state of mind intact after losing your precious data for unknown reason.
The software is small in size and is downloaded on my machine in just minutes. After the installation is completed, I am greeted with a clean interface asking for connecting the android device to the machine. The only drawback of the tool is the fact that your android device should be rooted for its operations to be successful.
Once you have connected your smartphone with the computer, another window with a clean interface pops up. You can start scanning and the tool will list the files that can be recovered according to their category.
The scanning in the tool is done on deep scan level, which means recovering files that are deleted or in an unrecoverable state. It can easily scan both the internal and external memory and come up with the list of files that can be recovered.
The whole process of recovering is fine-tuned to simple clicks, which can easily detect the lost files into arranged list. Furthermore, you can choose to recover files either one by one or through a batch process. This means saving more time for more productive work with your smartphone.
Wondering, whether your smartphone is supported or not? Chances are it is! With tons of compatible mobile phone and tablets, such as LG, HTC, Motorola, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG and others can be used with this software. The only drawback of this tool is the prerequisite that the android device should be rooted.
Other than that, the tool works amazingly without any issues and can be easily used to recover lost data in the form of music, video, images, contacts and many more. The tool can also be used to backup your precious information in the computer, making the memories last longer.

Wrap Up

Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android is one of the best data recovery software out there. With a price of only $39.99, the tool can easily be used to recover or backup your files on an Android device. Find Vibosoft products on Facebook

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