K2 Challan is an online Challan Generation portal designed and developed by the system of Karnataka State Government. K2 Challan also called Khajane 2 Generation portal is an Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) of the Karnataka Government, implemented with the main aim of managing the financial transactions of the Karnataka state government.

K2 Challan Generation Official Website

What is K2 Challan?

In today’s era, many things become easier with the guidance of technology, and many state governments of India are taking benefit of modernity and making management easier. This is how every government system has become organized and camphorated.

K2 Challan is a storage system also called an online treasury system. With its help, the government can easily manage its Financials Accounts. 

Khajana 2 is a Sanskrit word meaning treasure. Today, with the help of Khajana 2, 216 treasuries of Karnataka are connected to the government office server. This application helps the server to update and receive. The treasury automation system brings complete transparency and control over all transactions.

K2 Challan Portal tries to simplify the process of payment to the government, with the advantage of paying “anywhere – at any time.” 

K2 Challan Portal supports various departments of the State Government of Karnataka to pay their consumers/ Clients to the government in the following ways:

  1. Internet Banking
  2. Debit card
  3. Credit card
  4. Bhim / UPI
  5. Point of Sale (POS)
  6. Counters (OTC)
  7. Payment at departmental counters/offices
  8. Payment through Citizenship Facility (Bangalore One, Karnataka One).

K2 Challan Generation, Print & Login using the official link.

The login process is easy and requires a few details from the user. Once you create your account, don’t share the details to avoid leakage of data.


  1. Navigate to the official Khajane 2 Challan generation website https://k2.karnataka.gov.in/wps/portal/Khajane-II
  2. On the homepage, Logging into the K2 Portal, the user has to click on the “Citizen” tab.
  3. Now select the “Generate Challan” option to get the challan data entry screen. 
  4. The user has to enter the Details, Department Details & Purpose Details as per your requirement and click on the “Add” button.
  5. Select the Mode of Payment as “E-Payment” for online remittance using Net Banking OR “Cash/Cheque/Draft” for offline remittance at the Branch counter.
  6. Under the Net Banking option select “Syndicate Bank” from the dropdown list and click on “Submit”.
  7. The details of the Validity Time of the K2 Challan, Department Name, Category, Head of Account, Purpose, DDO Code, Sub Purpose Name, Amount, etc. will be displayed on the screen. 
  8. Check before Click on “Confirm” if all the details entered by you are correct.
  9. Challan Reference Number will be displayed which may be noted for future reference.
  10. On clicking “OK” a challan will be generated in case of “Cash/Cheque/Draft” mod whose print may be taken by the customer to produce at Syndicate Bank‟s Branch at the time of making a payment over the counter.

01 Generate Challan          02. Search Challan here 

Complete Guidance of K2 Challan Generation Website  Watch Video Below 

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