Login to the WBiFMS HRMS Website and download Pay Slip 2021, Check how you can complete the WBiFMS registration if not registered yet and print the required month payslip from the WBIFMS Online portal and check all the incomes and payment.

What is WBIFMS?

WBIFMS stands for “West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System“. WBIFMS is a web portal of the Government of West Bengal to allocate all funds and real-time management, monitoring, and control of financial transactions to various departments and their subordinate offices under the state government.


As part of the goal of adopting e-governance, the Government of West Bengal has introduced significant computerization at various levels in various government departments, directorates, and lower-level offices. 

For online integration and management of financial systems and human resource systems, IFMS or Integrated Financial Management System under the control of the Finance Department of this government is now playing an integral part in the office management of almost all government offices. Until now, it has become necessary for office assistants of any government office to acquire the appropriate skills on IFMS.

WBiFMS pay slip included

These are some of the key points which can be seen from the online WBIFMS pay slip which is available to the registered users of the WBiFMS portal and thus the employees can keep an eye on it, and all the details related to the payment including the deduction. Can be seen from the slip.

  • Joining Report with Date of Joining
  • Employee Location & Department
  • Basic Employee
  • Salary Statement
  • GPF Loan Application
  • Application for an Official Tour
  • Claim for an Official Tour
  • Family & Nominee Declaration
  • PF Payments and UAN number
  • Loan deductions

Registration Login & Download WBiFMS Pay Slip from HRMS Login wbifms.gov.in/cas/login

This is very easy because the government of West Bengal has given you a smart interface to create WBIFMS Payslip, so, follow the simple steps given below, which will definitely help you to access the WBIFMS Salary Slip from the official West Bengal HRMS portal.


  1. Start your web browser and wbifms.gov.in in the URL bar, which will load the homepage of the West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System.
  2. Click on IFMS West Bengal on the right-hand panel
  3. Go to e-Services for Employees (Available on the left panel)
  4. Sign in to the option, which will take you to a new page, you can go directly to this URL to login to the WBiFMS link
  5. Here on the right, you can see two blank columns to fill
  6. Click the Login button and your relevant employee page will load
  7. Click My Documents and then select the PayPal option
  8. Mark the month of the peace slip from the list
  9. The WBIFMS payslip can then be downloaded or printed using the given option
  10. Enter your unique WBIFMS ID card number after the password

This way, your WBiFMS payslip is logged on the official website and employees can access their payslip using the corner option.

Can we use PayPal downloads in the last month or year?

Yes, the employee can generate a payslip for the current month or for the previous month as required from the employee website. The slip to be paid from the date of joining the employee will be entered in my Documents> Pay Slips folder.

Where do employees make mistakes in their WBIFMS payslip?

The helpdesk number and e-mail id of the concerned department are provided to lodge a complaint regarding any facility, and the employees are required to confirm their details and thus their problem is solved online. ۔

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