UDIN ICAI Login : Unique Document Identification Number for Practicing CA: The Chartered Account plays an important role in the verification of any document or certificate. It is proved that the document or certificate is legal and that the document has been issued and approved. 

In recent times, however, misleading information has been published by people certified by the United Nations as chartered accountants. They are illegally issuing and signing certificates and documents to prevent this crime.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has introduced a new system for all chartered accountants. Practically all CAs must obtain a UDIN for all documents and certificates issued by them. 

The order came into force on 1 July 2019 for corporate and non-corporate audit, testing and assurance practice. Note: CA firms are not eligible to enter a specific document identification number on the portal. In practice, only full-time certified chartered accountants are allowed to enroll.


This is a proper and unique number for all certificates and documents certified by Chartered Accountants. The generated number is the portal’s unique document identification number and has a unique meaning when a copy cannot be created after creating a document.

UDIN Registration How to Register on the UDIN Portal?

Full-time CA can register at the Unique Document Identification Number portal to receive the UDIN number for the documents and certificates they generate.

  1. Visit the official website Registration link

  2. On the homepage, click on the tab User First menu and then enter the following details.

  3. Six membership numbers.

  4. Date of birth

  5. Original date of registration

  6. Now click on the OTP button and send the OTP to your registered mobile number.

  7. Click the OTP key then continue to the button at the given location.

  8. The portal will show the login credentials for the UDIN page. All details will be sent to your registered email address.

How to prepare UDN ICAI for your documents or certificate?

After registration, CA can generate certificates and documents with the UDIN number from the portal:
  • Go to the UDIN website portal.

  • Next, enter the credit received at your email address during the registration process.

  • To keep the portal secure, the user must first change the password during the login process.

  • Now click on Generate Udine and enter the following details.

  • Membership Registration Number.

  • Firm registration number

  • Your Email ID

  • Name

  • name of firm

  • Customer Reference Code or Number

  • Document and Description History.

  • Keywords and prices. (The keyword means a word according to a document and its value / quantity for which a UDNN number is generated. For example, if the CA is verifying the business of an entity, the word required is “business”) Therefore Value and money are given. Make sure as much as possible. Each of the three documents is provided for the document.

  • Check all the details then click on Send OTP.

  • The system will send OTP to your registered email ID and mobile phone, enter the number, and the details will be displayed on the preview screen.

  • If a change has occurred, the portal will verify this information. If details are correct, click on submit button.

  • Users should note that once the details have been collected, they can never be edited or modified. One should check all the details before submitting them to the portal.

  • UDIN number will be generated. The CA may refer to it as a watermark in a pen or on a document.

What is the format of UDIN?

The UDIN number consists of 15 digits and is generated from the portal in the following format.
  • The first six digits are the CA membership registration number.

  • The next six digits are the date of issuing the certificate in the process of DD / mm / y.

  • Enter the serial numbers of the last three documents that will be generated on the unique document identification number portal.

  • Note that the udin number can never be changed after the process is over. However, if the document needs to be changed, the CA must cancel it by searching the document from the portal and clicking Cancel. Document revision statement; In case of cancellation, the report will always appear on the portal.

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